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► I came directly here without looking anything else at your website, so what is ACRO?

ACRO stands for the Aristotelian Centre for Reason and Objectivism, it is an autonomus project of KEFIM the leading classical liberal think tank in Greece.

► What will you do?

We want to promote the work and philosophy of Ayn Rand in Greece, explore the relation between Aristotelian thought and Objectivism and articulate a voice of reason bringint together these two important philosophers.

► Sounds nice, but anything more particular?

On the internal front we have just completed the translation of ‘Virtue of Selfishness’ in Greek, which is the first philosophical work of Ayn Rand to be published in Greek. We intent to translate and publish ‘Capitalism the Unknown Ideal’.

We plan to carry out an essay competition for Greek Speaking pupils (up to 18 years old).

And finally (and most relevant to you, the English speaking friend of Ayn Rand and Aristotle) we plan to hold a conference on ‘Aristotle and the modern movement for reason’ where we will explain the relationship between Aristotle and Ayn Rand and between Reason and the modern world.

► When is this conference take place?

We have pencilled it for Autumn 2017, this is 60 years after the publication of Atlas Shrugged.

► So do you think it will be easy to bring and promote Ayn Rand in Greece?

It will be very difficult. To use Ayn Rand’s terminology, Greece is plagued by both the social mysticism and the religious one. Many Greeks considered themselves religious (even when they do not attend Church), almost a third do not believe in Evolution, there is hostility to private enterprise and any rhetoric of individualism, and there is plenty of collectivist rhetoric to go about. The recent troubles and effective buncrupty of Greece is the result of a moral decay towards collectivism underpinned by religious altruism.

There is though a burried individualist tradition, but we have to dig very deep to find it. Our task is far from easy. And this is why we need all the help we can get.