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ACRO (Aristotelian Centre for Reason & Objectivism) is an autonomus project of KEFIM the leading classical liberal think tank of Greece. It has a two fold mission. The first is to promote the work of Ayn Rand in Greece and the second to explore and present the relationship between Aristotelian Thought and Objectivism. ACRO works closely with the Ayn Rand Institute to achieve its goals.


Τhe proper understanding of Ayn Rand's philosophy as a voice for freedom and for reason in our era, reducing the impact of irrational and strawmen arguments against her and her work.


The mission of ACRO is to promote, explain and clarify the work of Ayn Rand to young people, academic and business circles and to any politicised citizens in Greece and to explore the relationship between Objectivism and Aristotelian thought with a view to strengthen the voice of reason and freedom in the modern world.


  1. Translation & Publication and Distribution of two books on Ayn Rand’s philosophical work. Current choices based on a brief market research are:
    i) Capitalism: the Unknown Ideal
    ii) The Virtue of Selfishness
  2. Α conference on Reason in the modern World (Working date: 2 September 2017 -60 years after the publication of Atlas Shrugged on Atlas Day-subject to confirmation).
  3. Publication of the papers submitted at the Conference as a collection of essays.
  4. An essay competition amonst Greek speaking pupils (ages up to18) based on ‘Anthem’.
  5. A production of one of Ayn Rand’s works (currently considering ‘Anthem’ or ‘Night of January 16th’) as a theatrical play to be premiered at the Conference. (subject to confirmation)


  • George Grigoropoulos - Internal Auditor, and life-long student of Ayn Rand’s work has helped funding the promotion of Ayn Rand’s work in Greece. He was instrumental at Yaron Brook’s visit in Athens in 2013
  • Nikos Sotirakopoulos - Chief academic advisor to ACRO, lecturer of sociology at the university of Loughborough, editor of Virtue of Selfishness.
  • Nikos Charalambous - Architect, editor of “Free Market Revolution” translation in Greek, contributor to the translation of “Anthem” in Greek, translator of “Virtue of Selfishness”, deals with the general executive functions of ACRO
  • Thomas Gazis - Chief Operations Officer at KEFIM he deals with the day to day activities of ACRO at Athens
  • Dimitris Botsis – Translator of Free Market Revolution and now part of the team that translates Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, is helping the ACRO operations in Athens
  • Areti Georgili – Owner of Free Thinking Zone a bookshop –café is one of the few places in Athens where Ayn Rand’s books and the greek translation of Free Market Revolution can be found.